Stress Guru - With ‘Life’, ‘Stress’ comes complementary. As you grow and face the real outside world, face the challenges of a common man, take responsibility at every stage of life, be it just anything, each of it will bring some stress to you and it may vary from individual to individual and situation to situation. There is no way to completely get rid of ‘Stress’. However, there is a way to: Avoid, Handle, Accept, Enjoy and Face it to the best possible way.
At MindGuru, we train you on how to:
• Identify if you are in stress
• Identify the root cause of stress
• Avoid stress
• Handle existing stress




Career Guru - Choosing the right career is always a challenge, be it your very first job or any other new job opportunity that come across you. Having a successful professional career is getting more competitive day by day. There are people who have lost their job, or are not happy with their current job or just need to take a new challenge. Every step you take is very crucial towards your success, happiness and satisfaction.
At MindGuru, we train you on how to:
• Plan your career
• Make a decision on what is ‘right’ for you
• Make the most out of your skills and utilize the same for your career
• Handle existing job challenges, decision making, job related stress and making the right priorities

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